Spring Has Sprung with new Spring Cocktail Menus

Bitter Truth Spring Cocktails in Miami

Miami may not have actual winters but I like to think we have a noticeable spring. Maybe it’s because I’m a spring baby, but spring is my favorite time of year. Everything is light and fresh – including cocktails! In the spirit of spring, I’ve done some "spring spirit research" and came up with a list of can’t miss cocktails for the season at some of my favorite spots around town.

Bitter Truth, Pink Sangria

This very tasty sangria is a blend of orange, peach, and apple liqueurs along with some Pamplemousse (grapefruit) to complement the rosé and white zinfandel base. To top it off, grapefruit soda is added as effervescence with a bit of a bitter bite to counter the sweetness. It’s served in a wine glass over ice and frozen grapes, and garnished with apple slices and a grapefruit wheel.

Sugar, The EAST Hotel, No Name Cocktail – ask for Sergio and tell him  Amber sent you!

Sugar, EAST Hotel cocktail Miami

Sugar is home to some of the best cocktail views in Miami and one of my favorite cocktails – if you haven’t tried the Mezcal Aviation yet, then add it to your "to drink" list. Head Bartender, Sergio Sellares, kills it when it comes to creative fresh cocktails. This spring he’s mixing up something magical that includes using bitters from his own line of bitters – it’s a pretty serious passion when you’ve created your own line of over 40+ flavors of bitters. Anything Sergio is making becomes my spring cocktail of choice. This particular one is made with wasabi & cilantro infused Tanqueray Gin, cold-pressed watermelon juice, lime juice, Orgeat syrup (think almond, sugar, and rose water), Luxardo Maraschino, strawberry preserves, Angostura bitters, and C&B Mamoncillo Bane’s Bitters (that’s an exotic lime).

Wynwood Diner, How ‘Bout Dem Melons

Wynwood Diner Miami Melon cocktails

Wynwood Diner is twisting beloved tiki cocktails and turning them into even more refreshing spring cocktails and they are delicious. If you’re looking for something fruity with a nice kick to it check out the How ‘Bout Dem Melons. On the menu it’s made with Bacardi Rum, but if you’re a gin drinker like I am, just ask for it with gin – it’s how Wynwood Diner Manager, Michael Albuerne, prefers to have it when he’s drinking it. It’s made with Ferdinand's Gin (when Mikey is making it), Aperol, Giffard apricot, house made coconut cream, watermelon, citrus, and apple bitters and garnished with a watermelon slice and mint.

Repour Bar, Spring Thyme

Repour Bar Miami Beach Spring Thyme Cocktails

Repour is bringing us a different kind of spring cocktail served inside a hollowed out apple! This one involves cutting the apple top off, hollowing it out, putting the cocktail inside, adding the top of the apple back on and sealing it with caramel. The cocktail is made with Fwaygo Pineapple Rum, apple juice, lime, fig syrup, and grapefruit bitters. Nothing says spring like a fresh picked apple!

Bakehouse Brasserie, South of Frosé

Bakehouse Brasserie Miami Beach Frose

Frosé is all the rage these days, and I was one of the first to jump on board. What’s fresher than frozen rosé?! Bakehouse Brasserie is going all out when it comes to theirs. The recipe includes citrus slush, Cocchi Americano Rosso, strawberry liqueur, Pamplemousse, St. Germain, and fresh watermelon juice garnished with strawberry, cherries and orange. While this is available all year long (and they have brunch every day) it screams “hello spring”!

If spring is your jam, like it is mine, then you’re sure to enjoy these cocktails. Fun and refreshing with quintessential spring fruits like apples and grapefruit – these cocktails are just what you need before the crazy temperatures of summer come our way!