Saturday Sweets: Sweetness Bakeshop Brings Back Their Donuts

Sweetness Bakeshop Kendall Donuts

If follow me on Instagram (@amber__love) then you know I spend a large amount of my time at Sweetness Bakeshop in Kendall. It’s really close to my house, has fast WIFI, great music (they let me pick the playlist most days), delicious coffee, and is a cupcake shop – so naturally I’ve made it my office and where I do most of my writing.

My week was made when owner, Stephanie Diaz, told me they were bringing back their donuts.

Sweetness Bakeshop was wise beyond their years when they started making donuts that debuted in January 2012, way before the donut craze hit Miami. They were even named Florida’s Donut in Zagat’s 50 Donuts in 50 States in 2014 featuring their Cuban community inspired Guava and Cream Cheese Donut. This tropical-fruit-infused treat was based on a traditional Cuban flavor combination; this fluffy pastry is filled with slightly tart guava marmalade and is then topped with a mild cream-cheese glaze that balances everything out.

They stopped making donuts in the middle of 2015, and it broke my heart. They returned briefly in the beginning of 2016, but didn’t last long. They’re back now and hopefully not going anywhere. “We really had no choice but to bring them back, because everyone keeps begging us for them and we finally just gave in says Stephanie of the donut’s return to the Sweetness menu.

Sweetness Bakeshop Smores and Dunkeroo Donuts

They are starting off slowly with just a few flavors. This week’s include a Smore’s Donut with toasted marshmallow on top, a Dunkaroo Donut that tastes just like the classic 90s treat,

Sweetness Bakeshop Maple Bacon Donut

a Marble Glazed yeast donut, everyone’s favorite Maple Bacon,

Sweetness Bakeshop Nutella Churro donut

and a Nutella Stuffed Churro Donut – which is, of course, my absolute favorite.

The donuts run at about $3 each and are sized big enough to share, if you really wanted to. I’m hoping they bring back the Guava and Cream Cheese, Snickers Donut, and the Coco Puff Donut that they carried once upon a time – hint hint. In the meantime, you can find me happily eating donuts as often as I possibly can.

Sweetness Bakeshop   

9549 SW 72nd St,

Miami, FL 33173

(305) 271-7791