Duck Duck Goose Deux Details: Menu Reveal

Duck Duck Goose Deux Jeremiah Bullfrog Miami

Creative and unique food events have become an important part of the Miami food community. Talented chefs support each other's new ventures, take chances with ingredients and techniques and the result is an enviable food scene. 

And all of us food lovers benefit!  

This Sunday’s Duck Duck Goose (Deux) is exactly that kind of special food experience not to be missed.  Presented by Chef Jeremiah and featuring Miami's top chefs, each of which will be tasked with preparing locally raised and pastured fowl.

In it's second year, DDG Deux is bringing a star-studded line up of South Florida's most innovative purveyors of haute cuisine, gourmet street food, craft beer, and artisan cocktails curated by Jen Massolo of The Liquid Projects.

Duck Duck Goose Chefs

AND MIAbites has the mouthwatering #foielife menus!

DDG is the sister festival to P.I.G (Pork is Good) now in it's eighth year, and Jeremiah Bullfrog and his cadre of knife-slingers are taking a new level of inventiveness to the Birds with Duck Duck Goose.

An all-inclusive food and cocktail celebration of everything winged and delicious, expect lots of live fire cooking over embers. It's also a chance for local foodies to taste one-of-a-kind creations from some of the region's top chefs all under one roof, and patio, and parking lot, and tiki bar. Expect a mouthwatering selection of all of you can sample food and drinks.  GET TICKETS HERE.


Duck Duck Goose Menu

Jeremiah Bullfrog, Forks it-Country style duck ham, tonkutso grits, pickled shit and cracklings

Babe Froman Fine Sausages-duck ham croquette, goose liver pate, Montreal smoked duck proscuitto chip

Brian Mullins, Ms Cheezious-smoked duck, rhubarb compote, chevre, house grilled flat bread

Aaron Brooks, Four Seasons- jerk duck, potato foie gras curry, duck fat scallion roti

Will Crandall- torta de pato con mole, avocado sesame aioli, pickled turnip, cilantro

Roel Alcudia, Mandolin- Duck and foie gras sheftalia, lavash, sumac onions

Steve Santana, Taquiza- Foie'n mi: goose liver Vietnamese sub sandwich

Niven Patel, Ghee-duck biryani, confit, duck egg

Cake, Cake Thai-duck fat rice, 5 spice roast duck, creamy coconut miso gravy, pandan leaves

Scott Linquist, Olla- Duck Carnitas gordita, kumquat & pasilla oaxaca marmelada, salsa borracha

Nina Compton/Levi Raines, Compere Lapin NOLA- Cocoa Cannolis with foie and guava pepper jelly ; curried goose with brioche

Josh Gripper, The Dutch- foie gras crème brulee, apple mostarda, candied walnut, salted rosemary espuma

Scott Anderson, Elements- duck heart, shagbark hickory, egg yolk, garlic chive

Brad Kilgore, Alter- grilled goose foie gras, umeboshi glaze, rice masago, shiso

Alissa Frice, Frice Cream- foie gras blueberry ice cream, duck crackling waffle cone, anise hyssop sprinkles

Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:

Sunday, May 28, 2017 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (EDT)

The Anderson

709 Northeast 79th Street

Miami, FL 33138