Miami Spice 2017:  Day One at Estiatorio Milos by Costas Spiliadis

Miami Spice Milos Miami Beach

Miami Spice is the highly anticipated two-month dining program organized by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.  So, it was disappointing to have the FIRST day of Spice be the day the skies let loose with the remnants of Tropical Storm Emily, a torrential tropical downpour of over 7 inches causing major flooding and havoc on Miami Beach, Downtown Miami and elsewhere.  

At rush hour, many roads were virtually impassable, the 395 entrance ramp was literally underwater, and cars were abandoned up and down both local and main roads. Our plans to kick off Miami Spice at Estiatorio Milos in Sofi quickly began to evaporate (no pun intended) as we saw the news coverage showing South of Fifth looking more like Venice, Italy.  We reluctantly called and canceled our reservation.

But by 7 pm, it looked like much of the water had receded and at the last minute, we decided to venture out and see if we could get an Uber that would take us onto Miami Beach.

After dodging a number of large river sized puddles, and taking a few detours, we arrived at Milos, where piled up sandbags at the front door greeted us and other diners.

But once inside the lovely and warmly lit restaurant, we knew we had made the right call.  And we were not alone, as by 8 pm the place was abuzz with local and not so local diners.

We were there for Miami Spice, and what a wonderful first evening it turned out to be. Our servers and maitre’d were very helpful and professional, presenting us with the special menu for the $39 3-course Miami Spice dinner that included as Appetizers; Lightly fried fresh Rhode Island Calamari,


a Greek Salad with bright red vine tomatoes and feta, Salmon Tartare and,

Milos Miami Beach Octopus over Hummus

Charcoal grilled Octopus on hummus and surrounded by. grilled Holland peppers and topped with capers..

Main Course choices included a Grilled Dorado filet with fresh broccoli, Colorado Lamb Chops with French Fries, Organic Salmon with steamed vegetables, and a Greek Vegetable Plate with mint yogurt and halloumi cheese.

Dessert was a choice of a thick and oh so creamy Greek yogurt parfait with fresh berry compote, a fruit plate or the classic Baklava of layered phyllo, almonds and honey.  Miami Spice at Milos is also one of the few restaurants where there are vegan and vegetarian options available. 

A bottle of white wine from Greece was recommended and we enjoyed every sip and mouthful. We plan to return very soon, Spice or no Spice as Milos is truly a gem in the Miami dining scene.

Miami Spice continues until September 30th, so make your reservations for Milos soon before you can’t get a table except maybe during the next tropical downpour.

Estiatorio Milos by Costas Spiliadis

730 1st St

Miami Beach, FL

(305) 604-6800