Wellness Wednesday: GLAM Vegan in Midtown

GLAM Vegan Miami Taco

I first met Chef Todd Erickson while writing a feature for MIAbites at Fit To Fight, the 12 week Chef fitness challenge that benefited Live To Fight, a nonprofit organization that brings together people in the martial arts and mixed martial arts community to raise money and offer additional support for people with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and boasted a Miami chef team that included Dena Marino, Jamie DeRosa, Sean Brasel, Timon Balloo and Todd Erickson.

After grunting, sweating and punching at SobeKick with them a few times, I left impressed with the commitment and hard work this group demonstrated in and out of their respective kitchens.

Fast forward to today, and Chef Todd Erickson, slimmer and healthier has opened GLAM (Green Living Animals Matter), a fast-casual vegan spot in Midtown.  What started as a consulting project with Designer Janette Miller, turned into a partnership and a friendship in creating this new niche concept.

“Once I hit 30, I’ve taken my health more seriously. Veganism isn’t 100% way of life for me yet, but I eat substantially less meat and have two gym memberships. Cutting out dairy is even harder for me to cut out than meat, but I notice almost immediately my pants loosen fast”, quipped Todd.

I stopped by GLAM this week to try out the various plant-based dishes, (and a little sangria), all which looked amazingly beautiful on the numerous Instagram posts I had already perused.

GLAM Vegan Miami sangria

Vegan = Brown grains, kale and tasteless hippie food, right?  WRONG!

The “new and Improved” plant-based cuisine has taken a major step into the fine dining category with creative, delicious and very Instagrammable dishes and GLAM and the creativity of Chef Todd is one of the best examples currently in Miami.

First, I want to compliment the staff at GLAM.  While the menu looks straightforward, and everything looked delicious, Katia at the front helped us pick the perfect assortment for our dinner, and our server also was knowledgeable whenever we had a question about ingredients.

GLAM Vegan Miami jackfruit al pastor taco

The menu offers Snacks, including our choice of Jackfruit “al pastor” tacos with and smoky bbq jackfruit, pineapple, red cabbage and cilantro and could have tricked even the most discerning carnivore into thinking it was shredded pork.

Other options included a colorful Watermelon Poke, White Bean Hummus and a Chilled Kelp Noodles tossed in a gutsy sauce of ginger, almond, coconut, sriracha, scallion, daikon and basil.

Soups include daily specials like a wild mushroom bisque, a tortilla soup with avocado, ginger carrot or a hearty gazpacho with heirloom tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, cilantro and sherry vinegar which is available every day.

Flatbreads and Toasts include Sliced Pear Flatbread with cashew ricotta, charred onion and walnut pesto and an Avocado Miso toast.

GLAM Vegan Farm salad

Bowls are offered either Hot or Cold, including a colorful Farm Salad with plenty of greens, heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, shaved carrots, watermelon, avocado and tossed in a cashew ranch and a Baby Kale Cobb.

Hot dishes included a steaming bowl of Spaghetti Marinara with grain bean “meatless” balls, 

GLAM Vegan Faro Risotto

and our favorite, a plentiful bowl of Farro Risotto with roasted wild mushrooms, charred fennel and cashew cream.  This dish is NOT to be missed and may just convert you to veganism.

Pricing for healthy eating at GLAM is very affordable with nothing over $18 and the filling Risotto dish is enough to share and priced at an amazing $13.

Glam Vegan Ube Pie

Desserts offer just the right amount of sweets, including homemade truffles, and Ube pie made with purple sweet potato,

GLAM Vegan Matcha Tea Pots a Creme

although the Matcha Tea Pots de Crème is a must. Creamy and cool with the flavors of mango, passionfruit, and coconut it reminded me of a refreshing panna cotta.

Vero Water is on tap either still or sparkling, and tea, coffee, beer, wine and Sangria are available.

Stop by, ask plenty of questions of the knowledgeable staff, and order and enjoy. Your body will thank you for it.   

And watch for upcoming projects from Chef Todd including Society Modern American Kitchen opening in Fort Myers in late October with a classic menu format featuring small plates, raw bar, wood fired grill and composed entrees and other niche projects in the works.


3301 NE 1st St.  #103-1

Miami, FL

786 864 0590