Breaking The Fast with Hank and Harry’s

Hank and Harry's Miami Beach Bagel and Lox

It is a new year, 5778 to be exact, on the Jewish calendar, and the holiest of days, Yom Kippur, began at sundown on Friday, September 29th, when Jews all over the world fast for the day as atonement for their sins.

The day of fasting ended Saturday with a traditional Break-fast, of bagels, lox, smoked fish, cheese, and pastries.

Hank and Harry’s, at 1691 Michigan Ave, just off Lincoln Rd,  is ready to hook you up with all of the Yom Kippur break-fast fixins (or any day you crave Lox and Bagels) with a series of platters or a la carte dishes.

Hank and Harry’s Holiday Platter Menu

Hank nd Harry's Miami Beach Bagels

Bagel Platter –served with assorted bagels, 3 types of cream cheese and sliced tomato. Small- $40, Med $60 Lg $80

Hank and Harry's Miami Beach Salad Platter

3 Salad Platter- Tuna, Egg and chicken salad served with an assorted veggie tray. Whitefish and Chopped liver available as substitutes.
Small $50 whitefish add $8 Chopped liver add $4
Med $75 whitefish add $12 Chopped liver add $6
Lg $100 whitefish add $16 Chopped liver add $8

Nova Platter- served with assorted bagels, cream cheese, sliced nova and veggie arrangement. Small $150, Med $225 LG $300

Cheese Platter-served with assorted sliced cheeses, bagels and veggies.
Small $60 Med $80 Lg $100

Hank and Harrys Sweets Platter

Sweets Platter- your choice of Rugalach Platter or homemade cookie/brownie platter. Sm $45, Med $60 Lg $75

Homemade Matzo ball Soup - $9.95 qt
Potato Latkes -8 latkes served with sour cream and apple sauce. $6.95

Hank and Harry’s  

1691 Michigan Ave.

Miami Beach, FL.