Hurricane Irma Volunteer Opportunities

Hurricane Irma Volunteer Opportunities

As we watched the frightening coverage of historic Hurricane Irma, it became important to begin to look forward to the recovery period.  It may take weeks or even months to put our beautiful state back together and every little bit will help.  Whether you are on the east coast or the west coast, help will be needed in every county across Florida. 

Both The United Way Miami, and Volunteer Florida have posted applications online to sign up for volunteer projects.  MIAbites will be working closely with both organizations to help organize teams of volunteers and once you sign up, if you want to join in our effort please email

Volunteer Florida:  

As the state’s lead agency for volunteers and donations before, during, and after disasters, Volunteer Florida is mobilizing volunteers across the State of Florida in response to Hurricane Irma.

Florida is home to dedicated volunteers who go above and beyond every day in service to the families who call our state home. If you are interested in volunteering, please use the form below so that we can connect you to appropriate local volunteer opportunities.

Please note: Large-scale response activities require a significant amount of time to ramp up. You will be contacted once public officials and disaster relief organizations have had an opportunity to assess the damage and identify what the specific unmet needs are. There will be volunteer needs for many months.

Please be aware that there will be no power in many areas, businesses will be closed, gasoline can be hard to find and sleeping accommodations are often shelters or similar arrangements.

Volunteer Opportunities: Opportunities to work as part of a team under the direction of supervisors will be available in several areas.  Please apply online.

The United Way Miami-Dade:  

In Miami-Dade, our United Way is Miami-Dade County’s Office of Emergency Management’s official volunteer and donations arm before, during and after a disaster. If you are interested in becoming a disaster volunteer, please complete the form on our website. If the County or a United Way partner agency needs volunteers before or after a storm, you will be contacted.

The United Way Suncoast:  

For West Coast areas including Naples, Sarasota, Ft Myers and Tampa check local United Way websites for cleanup and volunteer projects.

We saw Mother Nature at her worst...let's show Human Nature at it's best!