Crudos Fusion Art: A welcome addition to Wynwood

Crudos Fusion Art Wynwood Miami

Deep within Wynwood there is a hidden spot named Crudos. For a small shop that can be easily missed at first glance, they have truly genuine and amazing food coming out of it. I went in for a fusion meal and left speechless at the attention to detail they put in every dish. Art is in the name, and this place rightfully deserves it, this is Crudos Fusion Art.


The night began with some of their specialty appetizers, I ordered three items: Cloud pork belly, charred octopus and gyoza dumplings.

Cloud Pork Belly

Crudos Fusion Art Cloud Port Belly

One of their most unique items on the menu, the cloud pork belly is a sweet miso pork hidden beneath a bed of cotton candy. When I first saw this, I was skeptical but excited to see what they would do with the combo.

When the dish arrived, it was a big ball of cotton candy, I poured some soy sauce over the cloud and it vanished, revealing slices a sweet, fatty pork belly with some pickled cucumbers. Every bite was sweet and savory. The fatty pork belly seemed to melt and the charred edges gave you a smoky taste that balanced the sweetness from the cotton candy and teriyaki sauce.

To cut the heavy flavors that were happening with the pork, there was a side of pickled cucumbers, which were made in-house. The cucumbers were soft yet crunchy and had a fantastic, briny bite to them. The crisp pickled cucumber with the salty pork made for an incredible bite.

Charred octopus

Crudos Fusion Art Wynwood Octopus

Up next was the charred octopus with fingerling potatoes and a yellow aji sauce.  The first bite tasted like the sea, proving the freshness of the octopus. The meat was tender and the yellow aji gave it a gentle heat and a boost of flavor. The fingerling potatoes had a fluffy inside and again the homemade pickled cucumbers came in to brighten up the dish.

The octopus was done right, it was tender and flavorful.  It was seasoned lightly to allow its natural taste to come out. Every bite tasted of the ocean, an incredibly fresh seafood dish.

Steamed Gyozas

Crudos Fusion Art Gyoza

I also tried their steamed gyozas. One of their more traditional dishes, they left it simple and untouched and it worked perfectly.

The gyoza was steamed well so it still had texture and the filling was tasty and true to traditional gyoza fashion.


After that great start, I was looking forward to trying their more fusion inspired entrees. For the entrees I chose their Short rib buns and Crudos sushi roll.

Short rib buns

Crudos Fusion Art Short Rib Buns

The short ribs used for this dish go through 48-hours of sous vide cooking and are marinated in spices and eel sauce. The rib still retained its texture and fatty goodness which melted in your mouth. The strong meaty flavor shone through the sweet eel sauce.

This was shredded and piled together with pickled cucumbers, and matcha aioli, stuffed inside two soft steamed buns.

Crudos Roll

Crudos Fusion Art Sushi Roll

Crudos has a great selection of sushi rolls and ceviche so I had to try their house roll, the Crudos roll. Salmon, tuna, crab salad, cream cheese, and shrimp tempura rolled up and topped with avocado, truffle oil and a yellow aji sauce.

A big bite with a lot of flavors going on. The best part about this roll was just how much you could taste each individual component. You got a bit of the fresh tuna and salmon, then the crunchy shrimp mixed with the crab and cream cheese. Yet, everything still complemented one another and created a complex bite.  


Crudos Fusion Art Wynwood dessert

The meal ended with two desserts. Their mochi ice cream and their passion fruit mousse.  The mochi was stuffed with chocolate ice cream and mango sorbet and the passion fruit mousse was topped with whipped cream and fruit.

The Mochi was true to nature. A soft, gummy outside with rich chocolate ice cream and fruity mango sorbet.  Something simple to cleanse the pallet after the flavorful meal.

The passion fruit mousse was fluffy, tart and decadent. My favorite of the two, it had a whipped cream topping with fresh berries and crunchy cookies at the bottom. Both wonderful ways to end an amazing meal.

Crudos Fusion Art does exactly as the name implies, from the Asian inspired dishes to the Latin flavors, every dish is a well-crafted work of art. A place where the passion and attention to detail is the focus. A perfect new addition to the art centric-Wynwood. Crudos is the place to go for creative and well-crafted food.

Crudos Fusion Art

250 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127

786 238 7103