Six Top Miami Coffee Shops to Make Your Office for the Day

Pictured: Latte at Vice City Bean

Pictured: Latte at Vice City Bean

Living in today’s digital age, much of our work day can take place remotely. It’s a nice change of pace when you don’t have to sit in an office every day and can bounce around until you find a spot that feels right and gets your creative juices (or just plain focus) flowing.

Miami has a growing cafe scene with plenty of places to not only make your office for the day but also enjoy some great coffee and even a delicious lunch.

Here are a few of our favorite spots to get work done:

St. Roch Market

st roch market miami

The newly opened food hall is ready to start your day as early as 8am serving coffee from Sabal Coffee. The color coordinated bookshelf wall has the power to put you in a zen-like trance. The cafe setting is a great spot to perch with your laptop. Stick around until lunch and have your pick at options ranging from some of the best sushi in town at Itamae, hot chicken from Coop, or vegan treats and nachos from Chef Chloe140 NE 39th St Suite #241, Miami, FL 33137


Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse

brewing buddha

If you’re working in Pinecrest, then Brewing Buddha is the place to go. This welcoming coffee shop doubles as an art gallery and boasts a menu with everything from dirt cup cappuccinos to super trendy honey turmeric lattes. Brewing Buddha is owned and operated by two brothers and is one of those places that you'll find yourself quickly coming back for more. If you need a bit more than just coffee (or tea), they’re serving pastries, but in the near future the food menu will be expanding.  Protip: if you’re vegan, but on the lookout for that new menu — you’re gonna love it. 8219 SW 124th St, Miami, FL 33156


Box Cold Brew

box cold brew

Remember that great little Wynwood coffee spot made out of a shipping container? Well, it’s gotten a bit of an upgrade in the form of a roof and air conditioning. Right in time for the warmer Miami months, Box Cold Brew has a new home inside the Voah Campus co-working space. This remote working space is ideal for quick meetings and high caffeine needs. Fun fact: the new bottles teas have more caffeine than a Redbull and can also be found at Milam’s Supermarkets. Bring on the extra energy! 10 NE 27th St, Miami, FL 33137


All Day

all day miami

This downtown favorite and its rotating coffee lineup are perfect for remote work days. You’ll find everything from cold brew to cupping and it’s all delicious. If it’s one of those days where you also need a hearty meal — check out the food menu. The pan con croqueta with homemade smoked pork croqueta, gouda, sauce gribiche, with pickles, on cuban bread is always a winner. Note: Come with a fully charged laptop, there are limited outlets at All Day. 1035 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33136


Vice City Bean

vice city bean

This bright sunny coffee shop is always an ideal workspace, and is conveniently located between Downtown and Wynwood. Serving up coffee, tea, and locally made treats (hey, True Loaf and Cindy Lou's Cookies) to make your remote work day complete. It’s a great spot for a quick meeting or a quiet focused workday. The staff is extra friendly and the coffee is expertly prepared, which is important since their motto is "drink good coffee." It’s one of those spots that once you’re settled in, it feels like home. 1657 N Miami Ave unit c, Miami, FL 33136


Small Tea

small tea miami coral gables

If you’re more of a tea drinker when you’re working, then we’ve got your mecca. Small tea is a cozy little spot right down the street from Books n’ Books in Coral Gables. There’s a serious tea menu that’s broken down into sections with descriptions of each tea — and how much caffeine is in them. Because we all know, some days we need more than others. Grab a sandwich or a hummus appetizer to pair with the tea of your choice and get to work. The quiet low key vibe makes for a productive remote workday. 205 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134