Saturday Sweets: Top 5 Miami Spice Desserts

Miami Spice 2016 Top 5 Desserts

As I am sure you are well aware, it’s that wonderful time of the year where many Miami restaurants feature Miami Spice menus with 3 course lunches for $23 and dinners for $39.  A perfect chance to get out there and try something new.  And while many times people “skip” dessert, Miami Spice INCLUDES dessert as part of those 3 courses. 

Now, I don’t know about you – but I always determine my Miami Spice dining based on how yummy their dessert looks.  There are many restaurants that have a great starter and entrée but then finish it off with a “selection of sorbets.”  As refreshing as that sounds, I still want a DESSERT.  Gotta satisfy that sweet tooth!  So in honor of my sweet tooth I’ve scoped out five of the most exciting desserts being offered for Miami Spice.

Hakkasan Fontainebleau Mango Custard Dessert

Mango Custard – Hakkasan at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach

                  Simple and to the point mango custard with grapefruit, calamansi, and the most refreshing coconut sorbet.  I’m all for that sorbet when it’s paired with an insane mango custard.  Served individually with just the right amount of tang and tart.

Pinch Kitchen Chocolate Baba Rhum Cake

Homemade Baba Aux Rhum – Pinch Kitchen

                  This pound cake may be slightly overshadowed by the Orange Chocolate Soufflé also found on their Miami Spice menu (and a previous post of What I ATE), but it really deserves its own spotlight.  Pound cake with dark buttery rum sauce using Diplomatico Rum, served with a scoop of thyme gelato and covered in cinnamon.  Not too sweet, but so buttery and delicious.  This is one of those simple desserts that keeps you coming back! 

Sushi Samba Coco Cake

Coco Cake – SUSHISAMBA Miami Beach

                  Such a fun and pretty presentation – it almost makes you forget you’re getting dinner for such a great deal.  At SUSHISAMBA you will find a drunken coconut cake with passion fruit caramel, avocado ice cream and volcanic salt.  It sounds more like a fun science project than a dessert, but these flavors work so well together.  It will definitely be the highlight of your night.

1111 Peruvian Bistro Cachanga Dessert

Cachanga – 1111 Peruvian Bistro

                  The best way to describe this gorgeous dessert would be to think of a Peruvian elephant ear deliciously decorated with pineapple chunks, coconut sorbet, caramel drizzle, and cute edible flowers just to add some color.  It comes to your table on a large plate and almost looks like a pretty pizza that you don’t know how to eat.  But you eventually figure it out and love every bite of it.

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill Peaches dessert

Grilled Summer Peaches – Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill

                  Summer and peaches are always a winning combo.  These bad boys are served with a honey almond cake and a sweet corn ice cream.  It seems corn ice cream is all the rage these days and I’m all about it.  Pair it with warm grilled peaches and I may just start begging summer not to end.

Miami Spice began August 1st and lasts until September 30th, which means you’ve got just under two months to try these amazing desserts out.  They are so good, they even have this self-proclaimed chocoholic loving on the fresh fruity desserts this year!   Now get out there and get spicin’!

To check out full menus for the above and the other 200+ restaurants participating in this year’s Miami Spice visit their website at I Love Miami Spice