Saturday Sweets: Monday is National Dessert Day!


The sweetest day of the year is here! Did you know October 14th is National Dessert Day? The word “dessert” came from France. The origin comes from the French word “desservir” which literally means to remove that which had been served. Therefore, it would be a meal that was served after all of the dishes had been removed from the table. Around the 15th century, a lot of chefs were adding a lot of sugar to their savory dishes. Which is probably why desservir, or dessert as it would eventually be called, is now associated with sweet treats.

In celebration of National Dessert Day on Monday October 14th, we are sharing some of our favorite desserts in Miami. Some so good, we’ve even skipped dinner and headed straight for the sweets.

KYU - Mom’s Coconut Cake 

Mom's Coconut Cake KYU Miami

Inspired by Chef Michael Lewis’s mom’s own recipe, the restaurant’s famous dessert features four cream-cheese-separated layers, coconut shavings and a scoop of coconut ice cream.

Bird & Bone- The Kitchen Sink

Bird & Bone The Kitchen Sink Dessert

Wrap up the sunshine-filled day with a southern-inspired dinner and decadent dessert at the Confidante Hotel's in-house restaurant, Bird & Bone. Chef Richard Hales has created "The Kitchen Sink” made for a family of four filled with Ice Cream and Waffle Cones, topped with Rice Krispies Treats, Gummies, Candied Nuts, M&M’s, Sprinkles, Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream Marshmallow and Cherries on top.

Three Wynwood - The Congo


Nyangbo Cremeux, Congo Brownie, Cocoa Nib Ice Cream made with two different chocolates from two different continents and sweetened with local honey.  

Stubborn Seed - Snickerdoodle Cookies


A visit to Stubborn Seed isn’t complete without an order (or two) of pastry chef Dallas Wynne’s snickerdoodle cookies filled with Valrhona Gianduja chocolate.


Macchialina- Tiramesu

Macchialinas Tiramesu dessert

Chef Michael Pirolo’s Italian taverna on Miami Beach’s uses the traditional ladyfinger cookies, but they are layered with dulce de leche mousse and topped with an espresso granita.


Pink Pie- Assorted Mini Pies

Pink Pie Wynwood MIAbites

At Pink Pie in Wynwood, the slogan “Don’t be shy, try some pie” is the kind of motto all dessert lovers can relate to. Flavors change seasonally, although the key lime and Oreo Nutella are fan-favorites that are always available.