Saturday Sweets: Miami Pastry Chefs Weigh In On 2019 Dessert Trend Predictions

soraya kilgore dessert

New year, same dessert lover. The first Saturday Sweets of the year is here and we’re chatting with some of the sweetest people in Miami (the ones who make our sugar filled dreams come true) about what they think will be the biggest dessert trends of 2019. It sounds like we’ll be seeing lots of bright colors and bold flavors happening in 2019.

Here’s what you should be on the lookout for according to Miami’s pastry chefs:

“I predict this year in trending sweets will include a lot of very traditional techniques (the backbone of everything pastry) mixed with innovative flavors. I would love to see more savory crossovers in desserts, especially in those classic "over the top sweet" desserts like macarons. I just had a chicken pate macaron at Ariete that changed my perception of what a macaron could be. I love how out of the box and well executed it was. A perfect mix of traditional/innovative. I hope to see more sweets like this in 2019!” - Devin Braddock, Mignonette / Blue Collar / Tricycle

“I think the classic, old fashioned desserts that people can relate to are going to be big in 2019.  People are going back to basics- cookies, ice cream, layered cakes. Desserts that remind them of their childhood; of the happy times. And cookies certainly make people happy!” - Cindy Kruse, Cindy Lou’s Cookies


“I believe trends in dessert this year will be a moderate level of sweetness and a growing interest in the use of local ingredients.” - Alejandro Ramos, Head Pastry Chef Zuma Miami

“I think this year we can expect to see desserts that are more well-rounded as far as their flavor profile goes, focusing on balance and highlighting its ingredients as well as some savory notes. On the other hand. I also see that pate choux will have a higher role for this year’s dessert since it is a very versatile pastry and can be beautifully plated and elevated to fit any dining experience as well as remaining relatable to dinners or on a grab-and-go basis like eclairs.” - Tatiana Vernot, Pastry Chef OTL

"For 2019 I see classic European desserts making a modern comeback. Think St. Honoré cake with Matcha creme filling." - Gregory Gourreau, Executive Pastry Chef Juvia Miami Beach

juvia tres leches

“I think a lot of color will be in trend, using natural color like freeze dried berries or fruits. Also I keep seeing pate choux everywhere, I love to do colorful chouquettes!” - Soraya Kilgore, MadLab Creamery

“Gluten free desserts are going to be be big. It’s going to be all about the design, less sugar, more flavors and use of natural colors“ - Sylvain Marrari, Executive Pastry Chef La Centrale