Summer Has Arrived at Lolo's Surf Cantina

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Lolo's Surf Cantina, on a side entrance of the Stanton Hotel in SoFi, is a casual come-as-you-are spot, on the quiet part of Ocean Drive overlooking Marjory Stoneman Douglas Park. Seating is both indoor and outdoor with hightop tables, overlooking the park and coconut trees, and just a block from the ocean. The restaurant has a festive ambiance with Mexican music and decor, and the bar features a huge selection of tequila and Mezcal. 

Lolos Surf Cantina Ribeye tacos

We heard there were new summer menu items so we donned our shorts and flip-flops and headed there.

We started with drinks, one with and one without alcohol. Both were refreshing. The Horchata (non-alcoholic) was sweet and perfect, and the White Coco Sangria was delicious — made with wine, coconut water, and tequila for a twist.

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For appetizers we had starters of Tostados, which included 3 small tostaditos per order. We had fresh Crab and Mango tostados and the Tuna Poke tostados which were also delicious and were topped with chipotle aioli. 

Some additional new items options for lunch include a Mexican Dip Sandwich with pulled pork, black bean spread, pickled onion and spicy 3 chili broth, Grilled Spicy Shrimp Taco with grilled shrimp, agave BBQ sauce, pineapple, pickled onion, cilantro and chipotle mayo and 3 new burritos.

New on the dinner menu is a hearty Pork Ribs Platter, 1/2 rack BBQ pork ribs, Lolo's BBQ sauce, grilled onions, avocado, tortillas and Lamb Shank Platter with chili braised lamb shank, au jus, rice, beans, tortillas.

Lolos Surf Cantina Grilled Mexican Corn.jpg

We decided to share an order of grilled corn Mexican style. Although you would think that corn is corn, this was amazing! The corn was grilled and served Mexican style, with cheese, chili powder and lime, and I was sorry I had agreed to share it.

For dinner, we chose the Ribeye Tacos, which were incredibly tasty, and the Fish Taco entrée.

Lolos Surf Cantina RibEye Tacos.jpg

The fish taco is actually a whole grilled snapper with which you use to “make your own“ tacos. What a treat this was as the whole fish is served (beautifully presented) along with warm tortillas, avocado and salsa and accompanied by a delightful frisée salad. Our server shared with us that it had been named “Best Taco in Miami” by the Miami New Times in 2017. 

Lolos Surf Cantina Whole Fish Tacos.jpg

We were encouraged to try Lolo’s Corn Cake and glad we did. Although It would not have been my first choice from the list of desserts, it arrived warm, topped with vanilla ice cream. We are so glad we followed the server’s suggestion.

Lolos Surf Cantina Corn Cake Dessert.jpg

We learned that coming soon Vegetarian tacos were being added to the summer menu and we look forward to returning to sample them.

Don't miss Taco Tuesdays — 1/2 price on all taco and drink specials, all day.

Lolo’s Surf Cantina

161 Ocean Drive

Miami Beach FL

305 735 6973