What I ATE: MIAbites Contributors

If you follow any of our MIAbites Contributors on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you are constantly bombarded with some pretty amazing pictures of food and drink that has been consumed, it seems almost endlessly. 

How can anyone eat and drink ALL that food and go to ALL those places?  

Well Our Contributors do, from evenings out with friends, to lunches at favorite classic spots, to events hosted by restaurants, fellow bloggers and spirit purveyors.  It is hard to keep up and so as a special MIAbites feature we bring you.... 

What I ATE This Week!

You will notice that many of this weeks "best dishes" were all about brunch...Josh's Deli , Zak The Baker, and Chef Jeremiah's GastroPod for example. So let this be an inspiration to #ChooseBrunch this weekend! 

Allison Riley: @YallTasteThis

Anytime Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog hosts an event, I immediately check my calendar to see if I'll be in town and promptly grab a ticket if I am. He's my kind of chef....he can craft the most delicate, thoughtful dish imaginable and follow it up with a kick-ass burger that makes my heart swoon.Sunday's Gastropod Brunch collaboration between Chef Jeremiah and Chef Alex Talbot of Ideas in Food demonstrated those skills and that creativity.  I can't even choose a "best dish" because I loved them all!
arepa tots, pickled green strawberry, goat cheese, and sorghum butter

smoked wahoo, blistered snow pea salad, buttermilk ranch

egg, schmaltz hollandaise, potato hash

radiatore wtih pig heart and fermented black bean sausage gravy

cold smoked fried chicken in lime pickle honey

Melissa Ginsberg: @TheFoodieTeach

Sometimes you just want comfort food and my go-to comfort food is always pasta! I made orecchiette with spicy, fennel sausage and Brussels sprouts--topped it with some red pepper flakes and loads of freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.  I definitely went back for seconds!

Everett Rashofsky: @ErGagit

Shashuka ( or Shakshouka ) at Zak the Baker along with slices of his Sourdough. The flavors of Cumin and Zatar makes this breakfast one you think you are in Tel Aviv rather than Wynwood.

Paula Antonacci: @MyRumorist

This past Sunday I headed to Surfside to visit Josh's Deli. I never know what the creative genius that is Josh Marcus is going to come up with. We started breakfast with a Bialy so decadent that would make any Bubbe turn in her grave! Foie gras, bacon, fontina and caramelized onions nuzzled inside a delicious Bialy. We continued with a traditional home made lox and bagel served with sweet pickled onion and finished off with a decadent home cured pastrami sandwich. Insanely delicious!

Javier Ramirez: @GourmandJ

What I ate this week, the Pho from Hy Vong! I can’t believe it took me 5 years to get to this place!!!!!!!

Marian Bacol-Uba : @Marianthefoodie

I dined at NAOE recently and fell in love!! NAOE's cuisine is "Omakase", which is a traditional sushi style that means "Trust the Chef". And with Chef Kevin Cory at the helm, NAOE is a unique and remarkable gastronomical experience that is unlike any other in Miami! 
Loved the poached lobster, octopus, avocado and monkfish liver (ankimo aka foie gras of the sea), Fresh Kumamoto oyster, Yellow dish is sweet Japanese sea urchin (Uni)

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