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What I ATE: MIAbites Contributors

If you follow any of our MIAbites Contributors on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you are constantly bombarded with some pretty amazing pictures of food and drink that has been consumed, it seems almost endlessly. 

How can anyone eat and drink ALL that food and go to ALL those places?  

Well Our Contributors do, from evenings out with friends, to lunches at favorite classic spots, to events hosted by restaurants, fellow bloggers and spirit purveyors.  It is hard to keep up and so as a special MIAbites feature we bring you.... 

What I ATE This Week!

You will notice that many of this weeks "best dishes" were all about brunch...Josh's Deli , Zak The Baker, and Chef Jeremiah's GastroPod for example. So let this be an inspiration to #ChooseBrunch this weekend! 

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Brunch: A "Social" Progression

Brunch.  Quite literally, it is a blending of words, like beefalo, dramedy, or spork, but unlike these examples, the true definition of brunch evokes a more subjective idea than a simple combination of the words breakfast and lunch.  In my late twenties, brunch meant a weekly assembly of my best friends and pitchers of mimosas.  As young women who chose paths that took us to new cities far from our families and college friends, we became a family, and brunch was our family time.  While we had some favorite dishes at our brunch spots, food didn’t exactly dictate our choice of venue. 

The first consideration was always drinks and the price of those drinks, and the second reason would be atmosphere, which primarily meant deciding if we wanted to sit outside.  We gathered and pored over our relationships, work, and the previous night’s debauchery. Depending on the seriousness of our twenty-something problems and the number of pitchers ordered, our brunches could be a couple of hours at the restaurant or a prolonged engagement with setting changes enduring into the evening.  It seems like another lifetime since that was my definition of brunch. 

Seven years after moving away from those friends in Birmingham and choosing a new life in Miami, I find myself with a completely different idea of Sunday brunch.  I seek out casual Sunday brunches with thoughtful dishes, and the food is always the reason for brunch.  If I’m not making brunch at home, I am most likely at Josh’s Deli in Surfside. Josh Marcus has created an inviting breakfast, lunch and brunch spot in Surfside that offers a modern twist on some very traditional Jewish breakfast items.  It’s my choice for brunch because of its casual, friendly environment and ever-changing, interesting menu.  Lobster ‘n’ Biscuits, Smoked Sable Platter, Escargot ‘n’ Grits, and Scallop-Edamame Cakes are just a few examples of the brunch dishes I’ve enjoyed at Josh’s over the last six months.  It’s always a treat.

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