Happy Wine In The Grove: The Perfect Lunch Break

Happy Wine In The Grove Miami Lunch

No one wants to be stuck in an office for the entire day. I’m a big encourager of actually taking a lunch break, I think it helps you refresh and restart for the second part of your day (unless you completely overeat and desperately need a nap - not recommended).  

If you happen to work in or around the Coconut Grove area - then I’ve got the perfect quick lunch spot in a wine bar - no drinking required unless of course you are of the “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” lifestyle, we won’t judge!

Happy Wine in the Grove is offering a new lunch special: a three-course lunch Monday-Friday from 11:45 AM to 3:30 PM that can get you in and out in about 30 minutes, making it perfect for a quick escape from the office. Guests can choose from three of seven items served tapas style for $14.99.

Your delicious lunch options are:

Churrasco – Grilled Skirt Steak, romesco sauce, papa criolla and chimichurri

Pollo a la Plancha – Seared chicken, sautéed chorizo Colombiano, peppers, onions

Garbanzos Fritos – Chickpeas, serrano ham, spanish chorizo and jamon broth

Risotto con Setas – Arborio rice, portobello and shiitake mushrooms, truffle oil

Joanna Salad – Roasted chicken, mixed greens, tomatoes, asparagus, lemon vinaigrette, feta cheese

Chorizo al Vino – Spanish sausage braised in red wine

Albondigas – Meatballs stuffed with Manchego Cheese, whipped goat cheese

Happy Wine In The Grove Miami Lunch
Happy Wine In The Grove Miami panini

There’s also a selection of charcuterie and paninis that are just as budget friendly and delicious. Be sure to check out the specials board too, there’s always something new and tasty! The selection of wine is not one to be overlooked; you are in a wine bar so just take your pick!

Happy Wine in The Grove   

2833 Bird Ave,

Miami, FL 33133

(305) 460-9939