Another Farmer’s Market Find: Sapote!

Pinecrest Farmers Market Miami Sapote

My husband and I found our way last Sunday to the Pinecrest Farmers Market.  I love the vibe, the food and naturally the produce.  While I was walking along and stuffing my bag with greens and vegetables from Bee Haven Farms, my eyes glanced along the tables of options, I looked down at what looked like a couple of dark brown blobs and I asked aloud “what is that?” 

A couple next to us said “It’s Sapote!”  “It’s soo good and it tastes like chocolate.” The couple indicated that the browner and blacker the fruit becomes (this type of Sapote starts out green) the better the taste.  “It is great with ice cream and many other uses, particularly in baked goods.” Really?

What is Sapote?

Black Sapote is nicknamed the “chocolate fruit” due to the flavor, consistency (pudding-like) and color of the inside.  It is only found in tropical climates, hence South Florida! These Black Sapotes start out like bright green tomatoes and are high in Vitamin A and C.  As they ripen, the outsides will turn olive green (remember the darker the better) and the insides will deepen and become a dark, rich brown.

I was feeling pretty adventurous so did purchase a couple of sapotes to try myself and while it does not initially look appetizing, when you taste it, sure enough it does taste a bit like chocolate. I will admit it is not a strong chocolate flavor, just a hint of it.  So skip your gluten and sugar free alternatives and try for yourself.

Simple recipe

1 ripe Black Sapote

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, a few scoops


1.      Slice open the black sapote. Deseed the fruit.  My sapote had a few almond size seeds in it.

2.     Scoop some ice cream into a bowl and scoop some black sapote over the top.

Voila! A Delicious treat!

Black Sapote Dip

3 ripe Black Sapotes (seeded)

Dash of real cream

Pinch of Himalayan Salt

Vanilla extract (optional)

A few drops of fresh Berry Juice

Fresh Strawberries or Blackberries


Carefully remove the pulp and combine all of the other ingredients into it. Place in a small bowl and dip your berries into it! Yum!

Visit Pinecrest Farmers Market every Sunday 9 am-2 pm Rain or Shine and let me know what other unique food items you find! Share your recipes with MIAbites. 

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