What I ATE:  Miami Bloggers favorite dishes

Miami Bloggers Best Dishes 2017

The food blogger community in Miami is a very special one.  Many of us see each frequently at various media events, SOBEWFF or just while out to breakfast, lunch, cocktails or dinner. 

We take comfort in being with people who understand the need to take multiple photos of food, getting the light just right, and many a meal has gone cold while we staged each picture.

Annoying,  we know. 

But our blogger friends totally get what it is we all do in support of local farms, chefs and restaurants.  And while a little healthy competition (more like a sibling rivalry) may exist, most of us consider our Miami blogger community among our closest friends.

So, this months What I ATE feature includes not just MIAbites regular contributors but also some of our favorite “siblings” and their mouthwatering Instagram links.  Follow them!

Diana Rodriguez-@DmRodrigzz

Egg Bacon Pizza from Midici Fort Lauderdale

The Egg N' Bacon pizza from MidiCi in Fort Lauderdale is making breakfast dreams come true in this pie shaped dish. 

Andrew Giambarba @AndyMiami

Proof Miami Chicken Sandwich and Burger

Couldn't decide between the chicken sandwich and the burger at Proof, so my son and I split them both.

Amber Love Bond @Amber_Love

General Talde's Chicken Miami

General Talde's Chicken at Talde in The Confidante Hotel on Miami Beach is sinfully delicious. It's got charred avocado, broccoli, and apples. The apples add a nice sweetness to the spicy chicken. The chicken is perfectly breaded and is everything you could want in Chinese food. Chef Talde says it's inspired by what he craves when he wakes up hungover. Hungover or not - this dish is fantastic.

Marian Bacol- Uba @mbacoluba

Sushi Sake Noodles and Pineapple rice

Bobby Salad and Pineapple Fried rice from the new Sushi Sake at 900 Biscayne that just opened And Pulpo at La Mar brunch and their amazing Dessert tower.

Alex Beck @ BitesbyBeck

The Dutch Josh Gripper Strawberry Desset

Strawberry and peach ice cream cake from the one and only chef Josh Gripper at The Dutch with roasted peaches and amaretti cookies. Truly delicious and whimsical! 

Alison Riley @allisonjriley

Pappadarelle Rabbit Ragu at MCKitchen

The Pappardelle with Rabbit Ragu from MC Kitchen left me speechless. Just flat out perfect. 

Ellen Bowen @MIAbites

KYU Short Rib on the bone

KYU is a favorite and has so many dishes to note, but my favorite dish has to be the Short Rib on the Bone, and the Duck Breast and the Thai rice hot pot.  That’s three. sorry, not sorry.

Sef Gonzalez @BurgerBeast

Burger Beast La Cubanita Lasagne

Here's something you don't see too often, Cuban Lasagna. I know that you're thinking, what exactly is Cuban Lasagna? The main difference is the protein, which is Chorizo/Ham mix. I also love how the Cuban Pizzeria (that's a whole other story) near my home layers their Lasagna. Plus if you're a Cheese fan, you'll be in heaven. La Cubanita Pizzeria has a couple of spots, one near the Miami Airport and the other one is in Hialeah. Get the Epaguetti too! Yup, it's exactly what you're thinking it is. La Cubanita Pizzeria is at 4800 W Flagler St #101 Miami, FL

Eleanor Hoh @Wokstar

Eleanor Hoh Wokstar Korean Ribs

Fuchai- Fall apart Korean ribs were da bomb and their house made kimchi went perfectly!  Owned and operated by husband/wife both chefs, new kid on the block!

Alejandro Fertitta @MunchMiami

Ironside Gluten Free Nutella Pizza

Always in search of gluten free options, the Nutella pizza at Ironside is amazing dessert with out the guilt.

Mitch & Mel Take Miami  @mmtakemiami

La Mar Ceviche and La Fresca Pork chop

Mitch Nover- In an ever-growing world of over-the-top food creativity, sometimes it's the simple dishes that stand out the most. Such is the case with Chef Diego Oka's beautifully understated Cebiche Clasico at La Mar by Gastón Acurio.

Mel Galarce- The 15 oz Pork Chop dish with black wild fennel is the kind of masterpiece you'll find at one of our favorite hidden gems: La Fresa Francesa.

Geoffrey Anderson Jr. and Dianne Rubin - Miami Food Pug @MiamiFood Pug

Miami Food Pug Delano Hotel Chorizo

Leynia (Delano South Beach) – Chorizo- Argentinean restaurants are known for their meats, and Leynia at Delano South Beach is no exception. The restaurant -- which also features Asian influences -- has a Chorizo (pork sausage) dish that blew our minds last month. Perfectly cooked and oh-so-flavorful atop a fennel salad, the chorizo is easily one of our favorite plates of 2017.

SO, if you see any of us setting up a shot, lighting and taking those food pictures, come over and say Hi!