Saturday Sweets: Mdoughw Does ONE DAY ONLY Collaboration with Wynwood Parlor

mdoughw x wynwood parlour

Calling all dessert lovers! Just in time for warm weather, Mdoughw & Wynwood Parlor will launch four different ice cream sandwiches - but the catch is you can only get them today. Miami-based MdoughW started as a result of Margo Wolfe’s passion for baking. While operating frozen yogurt stores, Margo used her free time and wild imagination to create a new dessert category - the doughie. Doughies are the original cookie cup stuffed with your favorite treats. You name it - brownies, cookies and cream, oreos, salted caramel, guava - she's stuffed it inside a gooey, fully-cooked doughie by MdoughW. Doughies and ice cream sound like the perfect sinfully sweet pairing.

Sandwiches will be available for purchase on Saturday, May 6 at the Wynwood Parlor truck from 12:00pm-10:00pm at the Mana lot.

Flavors include:

  • MDoughW Happy Face: MDoughW Funfetti Doughies, vanilla ice cream, and rolled In Rainbow Sprinkles
  • MDoughW Butterscotch Blondie: MDoughW White Chocolate Macadamia Doughies, vanilla ice cream, and rolled In butterscotch chips
  • MDoughW Chocolate Churro: MDoughW Churro Doughies, vanilla ice cream, and rolled In chocolate sprinkles
  • MDoughW Classic: MDoughW Chocolate Chunk Doughies, vanilla ice cream, rolled in mini chocolate chips
mdoughw doughies

If you can't make it to Mana lot today, then be sure to follow @mdoughw on Instagram to see where she will pop up next!

Mana Lot

318 NW 23rd St

 Miami, FL 33127