Wellness Wednesday: 2-Day Raw Vegan Cleanse at Manna Life Food

Manna Life Food Miami 2 Day Vegan Cleanse

This year is just flying isn’t it? February is almost over and before you know it, it’s summertime. Have you been keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions or have you already fallen off the health train? 

Most of the time, people fail to keep their healthy eating habits because they follow a “diet”, not a sustainable “lifestyle” change.

Also, many restrict themselves so much or try to make huge changes that ultimately backfire. The people who end up having the most success with eating and living healthy are the ones that make a lifestyle change and take small steps.

For those who got off track their New Years Resolutions or want to get back to eating healthy, I highly recommend Manna Life Foods, Raw Vegan 2-Day Cleanse. Here’s why:

1.     Delicious healthy, raw and vegan food all prepared for you for both days

2.     It’s only 2 days! This is the easiest a cleanse can get. Many cleanses, especially the juice cleanses, are at least 3 days.

3.     You get a lot of food! Each day includes 3 delicious juices AND raw vegan food.

4.     It’s a great way to kickstart incorporating healthy plant-based food into your daily life.

5.     You won’t get bored. Many cleanses have you drinking the same exact thing for each meal (i.e. The Master Cleanse) but this cleanse gives you an awesome variety of drinks and dishes for each meal.

Manna Life Food Miami 2-day Vegan Cleanse options

Don’t worry if you fell off the health train. Get back on with a delicious raw vegan cleanse.  Eat creative dishes like Coconut Ceviche, Kelp Noodles Pasta and Raw Vegan Pad Thai. This is a cleanse you will love doing over and over because it’s just so good!

Forgive yourself for those past bad food choices and take this step in the right direction. It is ONLY February.

Manna Life Food

80 NE 2nd Ave,

Miami, FL 33132