Miami Spice 2018: BLT Prime Preview

BLT Prime Doral

Nestled between the hills of an expansive golf course and the white marble lined buildings of the Trump Resort in Doral is a steakhouse bringing out dishes as delicious as they are extravagant. BLT Prime is one of the over two hundred restaurants participating in Miami Spice— a two-month long event where restaurants and chefs create prix fixe menus with specialized items. BLT is doing Miami Spice right with a Negroni board of cocktails and menu of specialty courses. With appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks, there will be plenty to look forward to.


Shrimps Ceviche and Goat Cheese Crostini

The Shrimp Ceviche was a bowl of chopped shrimp, red onions, mango and cilantro. Everything was macerated and mixed so that every bite had a mix of the sea from the fresh shrimp, citrus bite from the lime and onions, and sweetness from the mango. The best part was the leche de tigre which is the juices of the seafood and herbs all mixed together. So good that a shot of it alone would suffice.

BLT Prime Doral Goat Cheese Beet crostini

Alongside the ceviche was Goat Cheese Crostini with a beet salsa. The crusty doughy bread held a heavy smear of fresh goat cheese topped with bright red chunks of beets and garnished with microgreens. Both light and refreshing starts to the meal.


The entrees came out with an array of side dishes: Roasted vegetables, chunks of potatoes, and sauces for pouring.

Grilled Tequila Lime Chicken

BLT Prime Doral Tequila Chicken Miami Spice

 The Tequila Chicken was next, and this was one of the better pieces of poultry I’ve had. The grilled outside locked in that citrus and tequila marinade that kept it juicy and tender. Grab a piece of that with a side of roasted fingerling potatoes and pour a generous amount of the pumpkin seed pesto that comes with it. The potatoes are charred and crunchy, the chicken is limey and juicy and the pesto is subtle and savory.

Filet Mignon

BLT Prime Doral Filet Mignon Miami Spice

Up next was the star of the entrees, the namesake BLT steak. A thick 8oz cut of marbled Filet Mignon. The outside developed a flavorful crust that hid a perfect pink center; so tender you could cut it with a spoon. Grab your steak and a handful of steak fries fried in duck fat. If duck fat fries and soft pink steak isn’t gluttonous enough, drizzle a bit of a beautiful burgundy colored wine jus over it and let the subtle and intense flavors melt into a perfect bite.

These dishes were joined by roasted asparagus, grilled bok choy and a bowl of fluffy coconut sticky rice to help cut through the intensity of the flavors.


The table was cleared and prepared for the final course of the night, dessert. Just like everything else, they made simple items and elevated them to match the luxury of the 800-acre resort.

BLT Prime Dessert Miami Spice

First was a passion fruit Panna Cotta topped with cream, a pineapple chutney and an almond biscotti on the side. The texture of the panna cotta was like a velvety custard, the passion fruit flavor was fresh, and tart and the cream helped balance it all. Alongside the panna cotta was its polar opposite—a rich, fudgy chunk of S’mores Brownie topped with a dark chocolate ganache and toasted meringue, In case you want to keep up with the theme of indulgence.

BLT Prime, like the resort it sits on, does not hold back on its food. And with its Miami Spice menu showcasing its best items you’ll be able to experience an evening of great food and drinks for cheap. The menu will be available August 1 when Miami Spice begins and will offer 3-course prix fixe for $39.

BLT Prime at The Trump National in Doral

4400 NW 87th Ave

Miami, FL 33178

305 591 6606

For more information about Miami Spice and the over 240 restaurants participating visit the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau site