Fourteen Eatery: Fast Casual Food Hall in Brickell


Fourteen Eatery is another food hall located in Brickell, but this one is significantly different than the high end Italian spots found in Brickell City Centre. But with Miami’s current love affair with food halls, a fast casual concept in a business district is a welcome addition.

The small food hall blends in with the high rises and buildings of Brickell but once you walk up the short steps and enter through the door you’re greeted by a cozy, wood-grained eatery with three fantastic options to choose from.

100 Montaditos

100 Montaditos is a Spanish style eatery with tapas, a great selection of wines and way too many (100 to be exact) montaditos to mention.

The name sake describes their sandwiches — meaning little sandwich. From smoked salmon and cream cheese to Philly cheese steak with cheddar, bbq pulled pork or a perfect BLT, chorizo and manchego cheese or pesto and mozzarella. You’re given a lot of choices and with the sandwiches being petite you’re encouraged to try plenty.


I’d recommend #9 which has fresh mozzarella, tomato and pesto. The soft, warm bread soaks up the pesto, the mozzarella is light and subtle, while the tomato is bright and juicy. A good opposite to this is the #23, a bbq pulled pork sandwich with cream cheese and aioli. The pork is shredded and soaked in the tangy bbq cream cheese and aioli extinguish the subtle heat from this meaty bite.

Don’t forget to order sides — try the crispy fries topped with salty manchego cheese and earthy truffle oil, or a charcuterie board with cured ham and chorizo. You’ll find Spanish classics like the tortilla espanola or twist on your favorites like the manchego cheese croqueta.

Kai Poke Shop

Kai Poke Shop serves colorful poke bowls filled with fresh fish, bright greens and crunchy tidbits. At Kai, start with a base of quinoa, brown or white rice. Then pile on tender tuna with plump edamame, crunchy vegetables, and vinegary sauces. Try the salmon with sweet eel sauce, crunchy hearts of palms and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Kai also makes a classic and well-done ceviche with white fish, slivers of red onion and lime juice.


Always save room for something sweet —

Cocowhip Dessert Bar

Cocowhip is a dessert concept that boasts sugar-free, vegan and organic treats. The star of the show there is the dairy-free, vegan soft serve. It’s made with coconut, and it’s simple and clean. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and has a soft texture. Top a vegan brownie with the coco soft-serve and you have a guilt-free dessert.


Cocowhip also has different tarts and cakes, like the passion fruit tart and the creamy strawberry cheesecake.

Fourteen Eatery in Brickell has something for everyone.

Fourteen Eatery

1401 Brickell Ave.

Miami, FL 33130

(786) 418-0867