Saturday Sweets: Exquisito Fine Chocolates Opens Miami's First Chocolate Factory in Little Havana

exquisito fine chocolates little havana

Move over Willy Wonka, Miami’s got its own chocolate factory opening today! Exquisito Fine Chocolates is officially open in Little Havana, three years after Carolina Quijano left her corporate job in New York.

It all started with a trip to Paris and a taste of artisan chocolate, now Carolina has a 1,200 square foot chocolate factory to call her own. Exquisito Fine Chocolates is a bean to bar factory making all sorts of delicious chocolates made with only quality ingredients. All of the beans come from carefully selected farms from six different countries including Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. Some are very innovative and large, while others operate with no electricity or running water — but what matters most to Carolina is the passion the farmers have for their beans and the quality of ingredients she’s using to make her Miami famous chocolate.

Starting today the factory will be open to the public selling 14 different kinds of chocolate bars and truffles. Exquisito is also continuing to make the marshmallows and other treats it's become known for prior to opening the new space.

exquisito fine chocolates little havana

For those whose love of chocolate goes further than just eating it, soon there will be factory tours open to the public as well chocolate making classes and tastings. There’s a chance you’ve already had Exquisito Fine Chocolates as they are used in several well known spots around Miami, like Threefold Cafe, Azucar Ice Cream, Edge Steakhouse, The Salty Donut, and more.

Stop by today and the first 100 people to arrive will each receive a free Café con Leche truffle. You'll also be able to visit one of their partner farms through a virtual reality experience, see how chocolate is made from the cocoa bean through our open production space, and sample innovative bites made with chocolate and more!

exquisito fine chocolates

Exquisito Fine Chocolates

2606 SW 8th Street

Miami, FL 33135