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Saturday Sweets: The Ultimate Boozy Frozen Treat From Havana Club Rum & Azucar Ice Cream

Did someone say boozy ice cream? We’re here for it. This week’s Saturday Sweets features a killer collaboration between the real Havana Club Rum and Little Havana’s Azucar Ice Cream Company. Together they are bringing the people of Miami the rum-infused flan flavored ice cream of our dreams.

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Lekoke Wine & Bites: Wine bar in Little Havana

As much as I love the new, hip, “see and be seen” spots all over our gorgeous city, it’s always nice to have the unknown, hidden, quiet spots under your belt as well.  That’s where Lekoke Wine & Bites on Calle Ocho comes into play.  A quiet unassuming wine bar with fresh homemade tapas is the perfect way to celebrate #WineWednesday or really any day for that matter.

The walls are lined with unique décor and rows and rows of wine.  All price points and varieties can be found here, there’s something to make every wine lover happy as well as making a wine novice a pro. Owners Laura and Ronald were aware that many local Little Havana Miamians are more drawn to beers and hard liquors and wanted to find a way to make them aware of the wonderful wine options that are available in our community.  Lekoke was inspired by Ronald’s nickname, Koko – the ‘Le’ was added to give it a French feel because they wanted to create the allusion that you aren’t on just Calle 8 but somewhere diverse and upscale.  They wanted to be part of the modernization and expansion of the well-known Little Havana area. 

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Miami’s Culinary Casual Classics – The “CCC” Tour

 Javier Ramirez is a Miami based finance professional passionate about chef-driven cuisine, culinary tourism and food photography. He writes about his tour of Casual Culinary Classics with outsider impressions by top Venezuelan food blogger Nidal Barake of

Being a culinary enthusiast and living in a popularly attractive city as is Miami means that you must be prepared to entertain relatives, friends and and friends of friends at local restaurants and also have a short list for the regular “where should we eat” prompt.

After years of experience and as someone that is truly passionate about helping people eat great food, I’ve come to the conclusion that the most effective strategy has to do with tailoring any recommendation. The more you understand the party  who you are recommending to and their expectations, the better (assuming you have also done your homework in terms of understanding the objective of each restaurant’s offering). I usually deal with the latter by asking a few questions, like how many in your party, what is the purpose of the meal, do you have a particular cuisine you prefer, etc. The former I deal with through the obvious route: visiting as many restaurants as possible and making sure I never recommend a restaurant I’ve never been to.

When I’m approached by people from out of town, their homebase is also a key factor. It’s not the same to make a recommendation to someone visiting from New York than someone from Caracas. Miami has experienced over the last 4 years a Vegas-like explosion of clone restaurants from existing ones in big cities like London, Los Angeles, Milan and New York, so it would be foolish to send someone from the Big Apple to, for instance, db Bistro Moderne or The Dutch, despite the fact that they are two of Miami’s best restaurants.



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