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Five Top Thai Restaurants in Miami

There’s something so warm and comforting about a big plate of Thai food, maybe it’s the spices or just how filling it always seems to be. Miami might not be known specifically for its Thai restaurants, but there are tons of great options to be found all over the city. If you’re craving Thai this weekend, we’ve got a list for you!

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Cake Thai Zap Elee evenings at Bistro B + Bakery

Chef Phuket Thongsodchareondee (aka Cake @kzcake) has had his share of food drama, opening and closing two restaurants within a couple of years and within a couple blocks of each other.  His original spot, Cake Thai, a tiny hidden gem on Biscayne and 79th St is still a favorite among authentic Thai street food fans, yet his past two ventures into Miami’s busiest food arena in Wynwood/Midtown were a challenge.

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