Cracked by Chef Adrianne- Creative Casual in South Miami

Cracked by Chef Adrianne Calvo Burrata

Have you been Cracked? Chef Adrianne’s new concept in South Miami brings a new look to the spot while still delivering on maximum flavor. We got to visit shortly after the opening in August, and have some dishes to recommend for you to try.

You may know Chef Adrianne Calvo for her popular Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar. Still a favorite spot for over a decade, Chef Adrianne also has four cookbooks under her belt.

But what about Cracked? What started as a food truck concept in 2018 will now live in a beautiful corner lot just two blocks away from Sunset Place. Inside you will spot details like large oval mirrors angled over a booth sectional. Glossy white subway tiles are the backsplash behind her signage as well as the counter to the open kitchen.

Cracked by Chef Adrianne Calvo Elote Corn

Now let’s talk about the menu. Some dishes may look familiar, but one thing is for sure... the options are endlessly delicious. To start, we ordered the Elote off the Cob. The creamy corn kernels are covered in chipotle mayo and garlic cilantro aioli. This is a shareable starter for two.

Cracked by Chef Adrianne Calvo Ahi Tuna Tartare

Also good to share for the table is the Siuna Tartare. Ahi tuna sits on a crispy wonton “boat” and is topped with a truffled caper cream. One bite is all it takes.

Cracked by Chef Adrianne Calvo Burrata

One thing you can’t miss from this menu is the Burrata Bar. Served with grilled garlic bread, you have three options for the Burrata Mozzarella. We opted for spicy honey, white truffle oil, and capicola. Here is that maximum flavor we love and know from Chef Adrianne Calvo. That charred flavor on the bread was a fantastic match with the spicy honey.

Cracked by Chef Adrianne Calvo Fresh Fish

Onto the mains. Keep it casual with one of many sandwiches. Or, check out the local fish option of the day. Although we know meat is always on the menu. We had it both ways. On one end, blackened Mahi Mahi with a side of arugula and creamy butter sauce.

Cracked by Chef Adrianne Calvo Philly Filet Sandwich

On the other hand, Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich. Imagine a Philly cheesesteak in a brioche bun with a Latin twang. Provolone cheese, chimichurri, and caramelized onions are all this sandwich needs.

Now for our favorite part of any menu: dessert. From thick shakes to decadent tarts, you have no escape here. Our choice was the Dark Chocolate Nutella Croissant, a take on bread pudding. A towering twist of vanilla soft serve adds a cool contrast to the warm dessert, and chocolate drizzle tops it off. This is one to call home about.

Cracked by Chef Adrianne Soft Ice Cream

Cheers to Chef Adrianne--with a Citrus Lavender mimosa in hand--to bringing quality ingredients with maximum flavor to South Miami. Expect patio seating coming soon to Cracked.

Cracked by Chef Adrianne

7400 SW 57th Ct, South Miami, FL 33143

(305) 665-5820