Stephen's Deli and La Cocina: Classic and New in Hialeah

Stephen's Deli Hialeah MIAbites

On a journey along some backroads and twist and turns deep in an ordinary part of Hialeah is a historic beacon. Something that stands out and makes you wonder “what do they have to offer?”

That beacon is Stephen’s Deli. A New York style delicatessen that opened in 1954 and happens to be one of Hialeah’s first and oldest deli. Opened when Hialeah was predominantly Jewish, the deli has changed hands a few times over the years.

Recently the classic deli went through another change of ownership and with it an upgraded look and feel. Matt “Kush” Kuscher, restaurateur known for Lokal and Kush, is the new owner of the deli and his team has brought new life into the building while still keeping it historic and original.

Stephen's Deli Pastrami on Rye Hialeah

Stephen’s Deli sells delicious and traditional deli fare. A Bagel and Lox platter, Chopped liver and saltines, Pastrami sandwiches with Thousand Island dressing or brown mustard, stacked tall on chewy rye bread or challah with a side of coleslaw and Ba-Tampte pickles.

Matzo Ball Soup  Stephen's Deli Hialeah

They have a matzo ball soup that will warm your soul and fill you with nostalgia—even if you aren’t Jewish. They even have classic egg cream shakes made with U-Bet Chocolate syrup and old-school Dr. Brown’s sodas to wash it all down.

You’ll still find your favorite classics being hand sliced by Henderson “Junior” Biggers, who has been with the restaurant since 1957, your favorite sides and extras are still as tasty as ever, but now with a modern twist and style.

La Cocina Hialeah MIAbites

La Cocina is one of those modern twists that was brought in with the renovation. What once was the kitchen of the deli has been turned into Hialeah’s first cocktail bar. La Cocina is a throwback to classic Hialeah and Latin pastimes. The bar is decorated with relics you’d find in your abuelita’s house while the cocktails are named after things you’ve heard your tios and tias shout at family gatherings.

Try the Pata Sucia with Scotch, coconut water and orange simple syrup. You can also throw back a Ñoo Que Bueno with Havana Club, sweet vermouth and a shot of cafecito for to keep the night going.

So, whether you’re in the mood for brisket on rye with a friend or a late-night drink with Hialeah Spider-man, you can find both at Stephen’s Deli and La Cocina.

Stephen’s Deli and La Cocina

1000 E 16th St, Hialeah, FL 33010

(305) 887-8863

( Photo Credit: Stephen’s Deli and La Cocina)