Seek The Beauty: A Sustainable Supper Club at Harpke Farm

Seek The Beauty at Harpke Family Farms

Having been born and raised in Miami, most people find it incredible that the first time I ever visited the Everglades was only a couple of years ago - at the ripe age of twenty-three. It took me until then to venture out to our city’s closest national park - a gorgeous World Heritage site that protects a unique ecosystem full of wetland creatures.

While school trips had brought me to various gems of South Florida, I was often too busy feeling like I didn’t truly fit in to the whole Miami scene and daydreaming about becoming a world traveler to appreciate my surroundings. Fortunately, those adolescent feelings transformed into a passport full of global accomplishments. When it was finally time to return home, I faced my childhood environment with new, adult eyes. I strived to find depth in my roots, to find my place in the sun here. There were no school buses transporting me to possible adventures this time around; if I wanted to find solace with coming home, I had to seek the beauty myself.

I began building my own personal community of like-minded people and in doing so, I found a team of humans revealing aspects of Miami I had never seen before, from the positive impact non-profit group of Food Rescue US -Miami to the real-life change makers behind Urban Oasis Project and the Market Mondays at the Arsht Center. I became a volunteer here or a regular there, and built relationships with both the people and the places associated with my values of sustainability, positivity, and social responsibility.

Ofir Creative Events Miami

Life and timing is a funny thing. As I explored and connected with my passions, my sister announced the launch of her own event company, Ofir Creative. As one of the many individuals who had quelled my Miami unrest, I looked to her for advice on initiating my own way of expressing the plethora of beauty blooming all around us, especially in this tropical haven and utilizing my best medium - food.

Our minds immediately intertwined, melding her expertise on event production from decor to execution and my passion for culinary arts into one extraordinary idea. Thus, we have decided to commence a supperclub - appropriately dubbed Seek The Beauty. A sustainable, underground dining experience that can form meaningful connections between the guests and the ingredients. We aim to educate the public on food sustainability, locality, and seasonality while remaining accessible and unpretentious. It’s goal is to pave an avenue towards experiencing the natural beauty Miami’s bold flavors have to offer. In maintaining an eco-friendly mindset, as we promote the concept that it is our own responsibility to ensure future generations get to enjoy the treasures we hold dear to us today, the menus will be plant-based as well as zero-waste focused.

Harpke Family Farm Dania Florida

Our inaugural dinner will be held on April 14th, at the ever-enchanting Harpke Family Farm in Dania Beach. With its urban farm surroundings and unparalleled amicable owners Claire and Tamer, Harpke is the perfect setting to instigate this multi-course dining experience. Through dishes implementing commonly scorned items such as lemon rinds and wilted leaves, Seek The Beauty encourages the mindset of seeking the beauty in everything - from an “ugly” ingredient to an unlikely venue. We invite you to join in the adventure with us.

Tickets are $65 pp and available now through Eventbrite link here, but spots are limited!