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Seek The Beauty: A Sustainable Supper Club at Harpke Farm

Having been born and raised in Miami, most people find it incredible that the first time I ever visited the Everglades was only a couple of years ago - at the ripe age of twenty-three. It took me until then to venture out to our city’s closest national park - a gorgeous World Heritage site that protects a unique ecosystem full of wetland creatures.

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Urban Farming with Tamer and Claire at Harpke Family Farm

Miami is known for its gorgeous views - from palm trees to shorelines. The city has been plastered throughout a variety of films and shows as this pinup paradise.  But sometimes the most beautiful sights in Miami can be found on its farms and fields, where fresh produce, flowers, and tropical fruits dot the landscape. Harpke Family Farms does not have those expansive fields to farm, but instead offers some of the best local organic microgreens and edible flowers on an urban farm in Dania Beach.

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Chef Seth Blumenthal X Harpke Family Farm Dinner May 27th

Last month, I grabbed a few friends and ventured through the industrial warehouse area close to Fort Lauderdale airport to the Harpke Family Farm for a creative Sunday dinner featuring chefs from KYU.

This month, the urban farm, an unexpected oasis, welcomes celebrated Chef Seth Blumenthal (Chef de Cuisine, Alter) who we all know is serious about his craft, but doesn't take himself too seriously... (As evidenced by his hilarious #JackieChanBocuse and #SoigneWest alter egos!).

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