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Shop Local at Urban Oasis Projects Farmers Markets

Celebrate local farmers and shop farmers markets for fresh fruit and produce in South Florida!. On a recent Saturday, the fresh fruit and vegetable enthusiast that I am, ventured down to the Southwest Farmers Market at Tropical Park (open year-round, Saturdays from 9 am - 3 pm) to experience what they had to offer.  

The Urban Oasis Project local produce farm stand was the main draw for me but there were other vendors to see as well.

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Urban Farming with Tamer and Claire at Harpke Family Farm

Miami is known for its gorgeous views - from palm trees to shorelines. The city has been plastered throughout a variety of films and shows as this pinup paradise.  But sometimes the most beautiful sights in Miami can be found on its farms and fields, where fresh produce, flowers, and tropical fruits dot the landscape. Harpke Family Farms does not have those expansive fields to farm, but instead offers some of the best local organic microgreens and edible flowers on an urban farm in Dania Beach.

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Wellness Wednesday: Farming Gone Vertical at Uriah's Urban Farm

It’s a crazy thought, but as populations grow and more buildings are built and farmland becomes less and less eventually there could be a food shortage. Estimates say world population will be 9 billion by 2050 and we will need 60 percent more food. Farmland is shrinking and we need to figure out how to make more food on less land.  Farmer Dave Smiles, the founder of Uriah’s Urban Farms, has the answer: Go vertical.  

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