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Saturday Sweets: Burger Beast's SugaPie Makes a Return

If you’re a fan of food events in Miami, then you’ve probably been in attendance at one of Burger Beast’s annual events that take place almost quarterly at Magic City Casino. Burger Beast is the founder and creator of Croquetapalooza, Hamburger House Party, Weiner Bash, and more. 

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Hamburger House Party Menu Sneak Peek

UPDATE:  And the winning burgers at this week's Hamburger House Party presented by Burger Beast were Judges Choice:  Hard Times Sundaes from Brooklyn NY, and Peoples Choice: Chefs On The Run.

Are you ready for a Hamburger Party? It's this Friday and it's a perfect way to end National Burger Month.

Burger Beast Feasts presents the annual Hamburger House Party happening on Friday, May 26th at Magic City Casino from 7pm to 10pm.  GET TICKETS HERE 

Over 20 restaurants will be competing for Best Burger in South Florida. This year features a rogue competitor, Hard Times Sundaes, coming all the way from Brooklyn to see if they have a shot at taking home to crown. Jr’s Gourmet Burgers are back to try to reclaim their crown for the 3rd year in a row. We’re wondering if they have what it takes to win again, right off the heels of their recent 2017 SOBEWFF Burger Bash win.

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