Travel Thursday: Vacation Destinations You'll Be At By Lunch - Luna Beach Edition

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Summer is here and so is the urge for a summer vacation — or two. Not everyone wants to hop on a plane and it takes way too long to drive out of Florida. Luckily, there are plenty of great 48 hour getaways you can get to by lunch time, complete with great food, family friendly fun, and gorgeous beaches.

All summer long, MIAbites will be featuring #TravelThursdays with easy to get to destinations and guides on how to make the most of your adventures. So grab your weekend bag and jump in the car (or in this case a boat) and you’ll be there before you know it.

This week's Travel Thursday comes via our sister site's, CTbites contributor, Carissa Chesanek*.

THIS WEEK WE'RE VISITING: Luna Beach in Bimini

If you’re in the mood to soak up the sun and party in the Caribbean this weekend, then head over to Bimini to check out Luna Beach, the latest oceanfront day club-turned-nighttime resto-lounge in the Bahamas.

Nestled on the turquoise waters of Paradise Beach, Luna Beach is part of Resort World Bimini and created by Miami’s own nightlife masterminds Michael Capponi and Eric Milon. This is the place to go to hit up the beach all day and stay well into the evening for dinner and dancing.

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Luna Beach is ideal for anytime of the day, whether you’re soaking up the afternoon sun in your own cabana or decked out in your finest linens for a romantic meal at night. We say, to get the most out of your stay here, start off early. Spend the day lounging by the ocean in a lounge chair (complimentary to hotel guests) and jumping into the crystal clear waters to look for conch shells. While you relax, order a drink or two with beach service, trying out what potent sips Luna Beach has to offer, such as the traditional Bahama Mama.

Later, after you're tan and hungry, put on a cover up and make your way to the restaurant for dinner. The venue changes from a relaxed day club into a picturesque restaurant with light dinner music at night. And later, it turns into a lounge with booming base from the DJ’s corner, playing top 40 hits and getting people - young and old - up out of their seats and onto the floor to dance.

North Bimini, Alice Town, Bimini, Bahamas



Resort food isn’t always the greatest. It’s high-priced for small sizes that can sometimes lack in flavor. This is where Luna Beach comes in handy. While it’s still part of Resorts World Bimini, it’s not directly in the hotel and doesn’t feel like - or taste like - resort food. The impressive menu has numerous offerings to choose from, starting with a fresh Greek salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, and chunks of feta, white fish ceviche that’s been marinated in citrus for the right amount of tang, and charred artichokes drizzled in a lime aioli - and it’s so tender it will melt in your mouth.

Here, you’ll also find some of the freshest seafood delivered daily, including the large lobster tails that are soured in the Bahamas and grilled to perfection. Each entree is served with a side of choice like the charred broccolini that is well seasoned and tender. As for dessert, the dense chocolate fudge cake served with vanilla ice cream completes the meal just right.



Luna Beach has a full bar so it can make pretty much whatever you fancy, but the cocktails on the menu are too good to pass up. The Luna Beach Rum Punch is made with mango rum, blue curaçao, and pineapple while Ocean Blue is infused with tequila and ginger ale. Frozen Daiquiris are also a big thing in the Bahamas, and this venue offers a wide range of flavors to choose from, such as banana and strawberry. There’s also beer that includes the Bahamas own Kalik Gold and a solid wine list, featuring anything from sparkling whites to full bodied reds.

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If you’re looking to do more in the water while visiting Luna Beach, there’s plenty of water sports to try. Hop on a jet ski and tour around the island or try out a paddle board, banana boats, or water bike that allows you to pedal directly on the ocean. Snorkeling enthusiasts can enjoy eyeing the tropical fish under the sea or those who prefer to stay dry, can take out a kayak with a glass-bottom for ample viewing.

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If you’re staying at the Hilton, you can either rent your own golf cart to get to Luna Beach or take one of the shuttles that gets you there for free. Of course, you can always walk but it’s relatively far - especially in the sun.

To arrive in Bimini, you have a few options. You can either take your own boat and dock it at the marina (prime choice), head over on a plane from Florida, or choose to try the ferry coming out of the Port of Miami. Just beware, the ferry is notorious for being delayed and for allowing children to run around like it’s their own playground.

Luna Beach offers ideal oceanfront relaxation, quality seafood, and a fun nightlife scene all in one, making it a go-to when experiencing Bimini.

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Keep checking back every Thursday for the latest edition of Travel Thursdays with MIAbites, as we continue to supply you with exciting destinations you can be settled in by lunch time.

*Carissa Chesanek is a professional writer with a Master’s in Journalism. Her work has been seen in Eat This, Not That!, Food Network, Forbes Travel Guide, Miami Herald, SpoiledNYC, BlackboardEats, and Zagat. She is currently getting her MFA at The New School in New York City. Follow her @Chesanek.