Wellness Wednesday: American Harvest in Brickell City Centre

Being plant-based in Miami is even easier than before! Many places offer vegan or vegetarian options and dishes on their menu.

One of my favorite fast casual spots is American Harvest in Brickell City Centre. Located on the 3rd floor and right by the 8th Street Metro Mover, it's a great place to grab a quick and delicious bite.  American Harvest started as an idea to create a place that serves up fresh, delicious, wholesome food in a casual, comfortable setting. With a focus on fresh and regional, American Harvest sources locally and nationally from foragers, farmers and specialty purveyors.

Many of their dishes, bowls and skillets, give you the option to have “as is”, or you can add a protein. I always opt for their Garden Burger, a vegan option which is a Curried Quinoa and Shitake Patty. It's hearty and very filling.

The menu also includes non-vegan/vegetarian items like the American Harvest Burger of natural grass-fed Chuck and Short rib blend, fontina cheese on a potato bun, or fresh made salads like the Beet salad of red and gold beets, goat cheese, kale and Granny Smith applesA Family Meal option for 4 includes a whole rotisserie chicken, 2 veggie sides and a grain like farro or quinoa.

When you order, make sure you inform them if you want the vegan option so you can choose alternative sauces and dressings that are vegan-friendly. The staff is very helpful and accommodating to various dietary restrictions. 

Some of my favorite dishes are:

Sweet Potato House Salad

Curried Roasted Vegetable Bowl

Pesto Harvest Skillet

If you want to eat fresh, clean and tasty vegan, or just plain fresh, organically sourced food, definitely check out American Harvest!

American Harvest

701 S Miami Ave, Suite 339B

Miami, FL 33130

(786) 814-6968

Also, NOW open in South Miami

5958 S Dixie Hwy

South Miami, FL 33143

(786) 785-1001