Wellness Wednesday: della bowls collab with Hungry Harvest

Della Test Kitchen Hungry Harvest Bowl

Miami’s transient character has long since been established. There is a consequential trait that has become imperative to anyone wishing to survive here: adaptability. della bowls in Wynwood Yard has embraced said quality with new vigor as they introduce their collaborative #HungryHarvestBowl for the month of September.

While the aim for longevity in Miami is a worthy challenge, sometimes it is just as valuable to pursue making a real impact within the capacity of existing in a city where nearly nothing is permanent. Della’s and the Wynwood Yard have been a staple for sustainable grub, and will be missed when they close to make way for new development in 2019. Their Hungry Harvest new weekly special epitomizes their knack for eco-friendly community involvement as they bring their relationship with this produce-rescuing organization to new heights.

Hungry Harvest is “on a mission to end food waste and hunger”. Functioning as a twist on the classic CSA program, the team works to deliver imperfect produce that may otherwise be thrown out. In a country where an estimated 15 million households live with food insecurity, Hungry Harvest has become a leader in implementing an altruistic and conscious culinary market. They have reduced 9 million pounds of food from going to landfills and have provided access to over 800,000 lbs of produce through reduce cost markets and donations to food insecure. Cosmetically flawed and delicious food can be obtained directly through subscriptions to their Weekly Harvest Boxes or on a larger scale as suppliers to assiduous establishments such as Della’s.

The #HungryHarvestBowl may be the latest in a row of eco-friendly efforts produced by Della’s, but it transcends itself by revealing a personal side of the kitchen. The chef at the Wynwood location, Ana Vasquez ( @healthyfoodie_ana/), has been eager for this collaborative concept to become a reality, relishing the chance to work with “out of the box” ingredients.

Della Test Kitchen Bowls

So what exactly is inside the bowl? Well, it changes weekly according to whatever is received, and exists until supplies are depleted. The premier bowl, which sold out in two days time, consisted of a classic Della base - black coconut rice - with Zaytouna za’atar-marinated collard greens and sugar snap peas, mini sweet peppers stuffed with spaghetti squash and corn, housemade panelle, julienne apples, and a grapefruit-carrot sauce that was out of this world. The bowl in its entirety is delectable - from the crunchy snap peas to the slightly sweet, yet full of umami peppers to the sauce so glorious it’s worth the multiple mentions. One can only hope it somehow makes a return as a regular on the menu for those who missed out. 20% of the della bowls collaboration will go to Wellness In The Schools.

Hungry Harvest Bowl at Della Test Kitchen

While the most recent addition to the menu may be in beta-stage for the Yard Hospitality's Wynwood spot, this partnership has been previously forged. The Jackson Hall location of Della’s hosts a Hungry Harvest demo on the first Wednesday of every month and the two have been in discussion to further cultivate their relationship. In fact, they are hosting the upcoming Sustainable Supperclub - on Friday, September 21st, dinner series that allows guests to get involved in the “mission to raise awareness for food sustainability practice while supporting those in need” by enjoying a unique experience that manages to supply a delicious multi-course meal while also sustaining others. A portion of the proceeds of the Sustainable Supperclub dinner at Jackson Hall will go to local non-profit partners like Lotus House, Wellness In The Schools and Debris Free Oceans. This mindful action is to be expected of Yard Hospitality, as their devotion to sustainability can be seen from their biodegradable cutlery to their reduction of plastic-straw usage.

Regardless of what comes and goes in this ephemeral city, the culture is steadfast. With a new feature creating some kind of buzz every other week in Miami, those taking real action in developing an eco-friendly and nutritiously-secure environment are worth supporting. As the Yard Hospitality's Director of Culinary and Community Programming, Julie Frans, describes this very real, edible partnership in terms of “not just creating for the sake of food or a story,” but rather “literally putting the story inside of you”, the impact of this sustainably-driven direction is indelible.

Sustainable Supper Club Jackson Hall Miami

Be sure to tag your pictures of #HungryHarvestBowls for the chance to turn this temporary special into a permanent one and snag tickets to the upcoming Sustainable Supperclub’s Community Feast here!

della bowls at Wynwood Yard

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