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Saturday Sweets: Back to School with Nutella Rice Krispies

RECIPE: Nutella Rice Krispies

Back to School is here. Schools officially open on August 19th so please Drive Carefully and treat your kids after school (or pack for their lunch) to these Nutella Rice Krispie treats. If you know me, then you know Nutella is the greatest thing ever invented in my eyes. 

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Saturday Sweets: No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cheesecake

Welcome to Saturday Sweets: No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cheesecake edition. Icebox cakes have several very thin layers that are stacked up and typically left in the refrigerator (aka icebox) overnight. We’re sharing how to make a strawberry icebox cheesecake, that’s so easy anyone can do it! The best part is it’s a no-bake recipe meaning there’s no need to turn on the oven adding to the summer heat!

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Saturday Sweets: No Bake Patriotic Cheesecake Bites

Another long holiday weekend, means more gatherings with friends and family. Chances are you're going to have a sweet tooth or two to satisfy. Everybody loves bite size desserts and easy desserts are loved even more. Check out these no bake cheesecake bites that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes!

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Refreshing Mango Cocktail Recipes You Can Make at Home

It's Mango season in South Florida, and this year the yield seems to be a bumper crop, so MIAbites decided for the rest of the month to feature Mango Monday recipes. Watch for some refreshing and creative ways to enjoy those luscious sweet Florida fruits year round. This week, we're featuring some mango cocktails you can make at home.

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Saturday Sweets: Brown Butter Bourbon Cake for Father's Day

Summer is upon us, meaning more barbecues and cookouts with friends and family. There's always a need for something a little sweet to end the meal, this week's Saturday Sweets features an easy Brown Butter Bourbon Cake that's perfect for those occasions — and conveniently simple for Father's Day. If your dad is at all a fan of bourbon, he's going to love this cake!

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Labor Day Grilling Tips & Recipes From Hampton Creek

Labor Day is here - a sign of the end of summer and one of the last chances to get out grill! Who are we kidding, it’s Miami - you can always grill, but in the event that you’ve got special grilling plans this weekend we’ve got some fun recipes from the Michelin Star chefs behind the Just. brand of healthy spreads made by Hampton Creek.

Top Grilling Tips

  1. Before anything else: Be sure to rub your grill grate with an oiled cloth before grilling to keep the food from sticking. (Trevor Niekowal)

  2. Savory AND sweet: Grill up summer fruits to pair with your vegetable or meat dishes. Try peaches, nectarines, or any other stone fruit. Avocados too! (Ben Roche)

  3. Don’t fidget: Avoid moving your food around on the grill too much. Let it sit on the grate as long as possible so that it cooks through evenly and gets nice grill marks. (Nate Hereford)

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